Behind the Scenes

Episode 2 : The Process


The Process

I'm positive non-vendors are always curious as to how we do things. I'll shed some light on how the designing, printing, and shipping process works. This might also help others  with their processes, or those who are wondering why certain things take a specific amount of time.

1) The Designing process

There are two ways a vendor operates in terms of designing. There are those who vector and those who do OC / OC+vector. So what's a vector? You hear vendors...

Episode 1 : Introduction

Hey there! I am making a blog for those who are interested in my brand. I'll use this blog to give insight on what's going on with FN, how I create designs, and ideas+plans i have in mind.

How It started

I started FN in 2015, mid way through my senior year in high school. Before FN i was already vectoring random anime images for fun since I learned how to vector through my graphic design class. I thought to myself, i can make money off these designs! So...