Episode 1 : Introduction

Hey there! I am making a blog for those who are interested in my brand. I'll use this blog to give insight on what's going on with FN, how I create designs, and ideas+plans i have in mind.

How It started

I started FN in 2015, mid way through my senior year in high school. Before FN i was already vectoring random anime images for fun since I learned how to vector through my graphic design class. I thought to myself, i can make money off these designs! So i pursued it. I also wanted to help my parents out, and become more independent with myself. The name "Floatingnimbus" of course  comes from the dragon ball nimbus cloud that Goku would ride on. Before i was into waifus, i really enjoyed shounen animes like Dragon ball  or Naruto so i used the name Floatingnimbus. FN was supposed to be a two person business ran under me and a friend of mine. I took over completely as my friend knew almost nothing about anime, and I wanted FN to be an anime brand.

Where I want it

I did not have much plans or dreams for FN at the time, I just wanted to sell stickers. I didn't have a clue what i wanted FN to become, or what direction it was going. Currently i want FN to be a brand where cute Waifus that i draw, wear clothes that I also design. Another thing that I really enjoy other than cars and anime, is fashion. I'm not one to be very fashionable myself, but i sure would love to get into clothing design. Which is why Floatingnimbus is at its current state. When building a brand, i feel as it is important to know what you want to do with your brand, or what direction you want it to head towards. 

Speaking of brand direction, it is also important to know what kind of market you are selling to. For FN, i cater to anime and car fans, as the two groups of people synergize well. I am also trying to branch FN out to KPOP fans. I've been into korean music for awhile now, mostly listening to underground artists I discovered on my soundcloud. As of recently I have been enjoying more mainstream KPOP such as, Blackpink, Red Velvet, AOMG artists, KHAN.

I don't have much to say for this episode and it's also a little awkward to blog for me as this is my first time doing so, but i'll try to keep this a thing if people enjoy it!

Thank you for reading,

Calvin / Mr.Nimbus

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