Purchase/production method :

- Preorders - Items are available for a set amount of time, then put into production ( 3-7 day production time frame ) : This would mean that items would not be on hand to be shipped immediately.

- Estimated 1 release every month, follow my instagram for updates on when these happen.

Shipping Info

- Estimated Timeframes:

1) Preorder process begins - 3 Days.

2) Printer response & production timing - 1-2 weeks

3) Item transit from printer to me -  2 days

4) Time frame of order processing - 1-3 days

5) USPS shipping time - 3-7 business days ( US ) 5-10 business days ( international )


Q : Are the stickers waterproof?

A : All stickers are water, scratch, and sun-burn resistant, with an estimate of 7 year life span depending on your location and care.

Q : How long would it take for my order to reach me?

A : It usually takes 3-5 business days, US only. 5-10 days International ( After shipment confirmation email )

Q : I haven't received my order even though I got the shipping confirmation, what should i do?

A : If after 3-7 business days after shipping confirmation, and you have not received your order yet, email me and i can either replace or refund you. Replacements however are limited

Q : Why purchase cardboard mailer + tracking?

A: I offer cardboard mailers to protect the items from damages such as bending, and ripping. USPS is known to lose standard mails, but with tracking they will guarantee it to reach you.

Q : How come my orders doesn't get to me?

A : The only way to ship my envelopes are through USPS, whom are known to damage and lose many packages, so if your package has gone missing, do not fret as it is very common. If you purchase the cardboard envelope+tracking shipping option, your package will be guaranteed to reach you.

Q: Why does it sometimes take long for my stickers to arrive?

A: I do not own my own printer to print my stickers. I have my trust worthy printer, @aimlessgoods to produce all my products. As any business, he will be busy at times so producing my stickers can have a 1 day, or a 1 week turnaround. Relying on outsourcing my production will result in long order processing compared to vendors who have immediate access to a printer. However, I have always printed through Aimlessgoods and they have proven to produce some of the greatest products. 

Q: Why run under a preorder purchasing system?

A: I run under a preorder system to please both parties. I use the preorder system as i cannot accurately gauge how much to order of certain designs. Also with this preorder system, customers are able to purchase what they want without having to worry about limited stock. Although this practice results in the longest timeframes of the order process, it is a decent medium for everyone. In the future however, i will be converting to stocked shipping to eliminate long time order processing.


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This informations page was updated : 5/21/19